High school crime scene


When you’re around, I fight with words.
“Shut it, tramp! Keep on walkin’!”
When you’re watching, I’m in control. Queen frickin’ Bee.
You tell me where you go, when you’re going.
Or else this shit
Fists fly first.
Girl falls.
You never told me skulls split ripe like plums.

I wrote this little story last night over a glass of red, while I was waiting for my chicken casserole to finish off in the oven. I’m entering it in the Scottish Book Trust’s 50 Word Fiction Competition. The theme for March is ‘crime scene’ and since I’m working on a YA novel, my head is perpetually stuck in teen-land.

When you hear the words ‘crime scene’, what pops into your head? That yellow ‘do not cross’ tape? Flashing lights? Or something more sinister?

Image by Nick Frank on Behance.

  • Jenny

    That is great Michelle – you are very clever!
    And I just spied your little pip button which did put a smile on my face xxx

  • Michelle

    White paper suits. Maybe I’ve read too many crime novels. This piece really hits home the issues of power, control and bullying and the schoolyard hierarchy that if left unchecked continues into the workplace.