Flashing on the tube + murder most foul

1961. Chicago, IL

1961. Chicago, IL

No, these ladies haven’t witnessed any illicit goings-on; they’re just awe-struck by my roundup of  the most interesting story-esque sites I signed up to this week.

If you love quirky stories, unusual reportage and interesting new ideas, you’re going to love these sites too:

Vivian Maier – Her backstory is incredible, her photos even more so (and they were never revealed in her lifetime), and now there’s a film about her life that seems to only be showing in the States. Find out more about the woman who was taking selfies yonks before mobile phones and instagram, and probably would have been considered  one of *the* pioneer street photographers, if only she hadn’t hidden her talent from the world.


The Saturday Paper – A new Aussie round-up of the weekly news, for smart and curious people. It reminds me of those early morning festival comedy sessions, where a bleary-eyed panel dissect the weekend papers in mocking tones. TSP, however, is serious stuff, with a lit section where books are reviewed anonymously – so the reviewers can tell you what they *really* thought of that love scene.

Kill Your Darlings – How did I not know about the existence of this amazing lit mag? Well, because it’s Australian and I’ve lived in London for a long while, I guess. One of the co-founders is the very talented Hannah Kent, who has time to edit KYD and publish a debut novel to great acclaim. With every printed copy currently ‘sold out’, I think it’s worth my while to make sure I get the next edition. In the meantime, I’m surviving on their newsletters.

Tube Flash on The Casket of Fictional Delights – An idea for a collaborative story project centred on London’s tube stops. I really wish I’d of thought of this idea first. It’s so cool. Except I don’t own a collection of 500 vintage brooches. You’re going to have to check out the site to find what the heck brooches have to do with the tube.


Photo of brooches by Deirdre McCormick. Other photos belong to Vivian Maier.