Bikes of Japan

Bike Tokyo

In Melbourne and London, riders are usually divided neatly between hipsters and commuters. But on my recent trip to Japan – a country with fantastic public transport options, easy walking routes and lots of cars – I discovered that cycling is still an incredibly popular option for people of all ages and social groups. It seems Yang Liu’s old infographic on the differences between West (blue) and East (red), which popped up on Facebook this week, is funny but not quite true, in the case of Japan, anyway!

Yang Lieu Transport

Bikes of all shapes, sizes, ages and fashions rule the roads (and pavements!) in Japan. Japanese cyclists zip by, *never* being so rude as to ding their bells, leaving the rest of us to jump out of the way and gawp at their speed and style.

I snapped cycles and and their riders in Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kyoto and Hiroshima, and I couldn’t resist adding some more Japanese wheeled transportation options into the gallery at the end. Scroll right to the end for the cute dog on a motorcycle in his own mini helmet!