Autumn in Japan

Autumn in Kyoto

Autumn is my favourite season. Although I love the endless blue skies of a Queensland summer, and the dark December evenings of wintry London, they lack the magic of the crunchy underfoot leaves and crisp, still air of autumn.

My first 25 years were spent autumn-less (in fact, virtually season-less) in Queensland, before I moved to the UK. Every autumn since, I’ve been filled with child-like delight as leaves begin to turn shades of orange, gold and red, and trees quickly turn bare and stark against the sky.

We were advised not to travel to Japan at the start of December. It’s too cold, people said. But I have to disagree, from the comfort of my feather-down coat. It’s the perfect time to visit. With less tourists at this time of year, you can have the parks and sights to yourself in many towns. And even though December is technically winter, autumn is still hanging around; a visually beautiful backdrop that offsets the stylish people, carefully curated shops, and perfectly formed architecture.



Kanazawa + Yudanaka Onsen