Digital + Social media

In 1995, before I’d even got to grips with email, I signed up for a subject at Q.U.T , Brisbane, in primitive web design. We were going to build a ‘choose your own adventure’ series of pages, but I lost my confidence after the first hour, dropped out, and studied a children’s literature subject instead. Now, I spend far more time building blogs and tweeting than I do writing my novel. Digital creativity is limitless; and teaching someone else to create and express themselves online is priceless. Some of my digital projects and activities include:

  • Running social media for a Melbourne’s girls school: Facebook for Mums, Twitter for teachers, and Instagram for the kids!
  • Running above girls’ schools’ WordPress website – in collaboration with a great team of designers who know how to make certain plug-ins work better than I do!
  • Managing a one-day inter-generational photography workshop, ‘Illuminating Hackney’, with the artist Martin Richman, six teenagers and Hackney Silver Surfers.  The final short film I edited is on YouTube.
  • Creating websites using Sharepoint for the City of London Corporation’s Sculpture in the City 2013 exhibition, and the Aldgate Project.
  • Co-ordinating tweets for Sculpture in the City 2013 #sculptureinthecity @visitthecity, including live tweeting these fearsome creatures taking over London.
  • Pinning historic photos from Hackney Museum and Archives to a bespoke Mapping the Change project on HistoryPin, for the Museum’s schools’ programme.
  • Implementing the Microsoft Sharepoint portal in schools in Qatar and the UK.