A cup of tea with…oh wait! No time…want to grab a coffee instead?

It’s become something of a tradition over at Meet Me At Mike’s for Pip’s blogger-students to sit you good reader folk down with a cup of tea, and have a natter about ourselves.

How perfect! I exclaimed in our private Facebook group. I collect vintage china, what better way to showcase my pretty pieces? I have about twenty hand-painted tea-sets from the 1930s up, plus lots of random bits and bobs (you can see some of it on my bookshelves here). I’m returning to Australia this year and lately I’ve been trawling ebay and charity shops for more. Have you ever wanted a vintage themed wedding? Christening? Birthday? You may just be able to rent your ‘props’ from me by next year!

When Pip set her challenge, I had visions of me fluffing up a pretty vintage tablecloth, laying out two cups and saucers – one for you and one for me – steeping some delish Brisbane blend from T2 (purchased on a trip to Oz last year; the last remnants of which I’ve been saving for a special occasion since it’s so darned good), and … since you exist only in my virtual world…photographing the whole thing beautifully and putting pretty filters on the pics in photoshop so the set-up looked even more enticing, and then uploading it all so you could coo over it and sigh I wish I were there in London with Michelle.

But if the aim of the task is really not to have tea, but to learn something about me, let me be upfront.

I don’t have time to ask you over. I barely have time to ask my best friends around. The tablecloth that’s currently on my table is a 1950s Irish linen. It’s been in place for three weeks and now has a big coffee mug ring smack bang in the centre. Every time I see it I think, must put that in the wash, then promptly shift my attention to something else.

This week, I’m feeling a little streeeeeeeeched. I’m a professional hobbyist who always has at least three projects on the go with one random business idea being worked up in the background, plus a novel halfway finished and two normal-people kind of jobs to hold down.

As I was running around the supermarket on Sunday, throwing stuff into my basket, planning out an apartment copy in my head for the following day’s deadline (job no. 2),  I paused at the tea section, whipped out my phone and took a few shots of the tea aisle. That’ll have to do, I thought, more than a little sadly. Because I know I can do better when I’m calmer, and also because the fluro lights were glarey and I knew these shots were going to be nowhere near as pretty as vintage china could be.

But let’s be honest, since that’s another trait of mine. Tea with me is more likely to be a snatched latte at the local cafe. Anyone passing through Chiswick soon?

  • You make me laugh! I could picture the table set beautifully but I’m just as happy grabbing a latte with you from your local (or going to the shops with you to buy tea, as it happens) 🙂

  • Jessica Fealy

    Michelle – this was such a great post! Very clever way to tell us a bit about you! Loved it!!

  • Sarah C

    Hey, life is hectic. You are perfectly entitled to whizz through with your tea with me. Love the photos of the tea boxes btw. I hanker for the UK so much sometimes. Wish it was closer to Oz. Best of both worlds. Great post xx

  • Sometimes coming up with the vision in our head is half the fun! I like the title of professional hobbyist, sounds fun!

  • sometimes you have to steal the creative any way any how. look forward to seeing the real thing when you return next year 🙂

  • Cat Miedecke

    I wish I was in London with Michelle….

  • Great post! Love the idea of a vintage themed party – how gorgeous! 🙂

  • I do wish I was in London with Michelle..2 Michelle’s. Coffee at the tate perhaps?

  • Approved

  • Rebecca Lewis

    I’m a shocker for planning posts in my head and then they never really work out the way you intended but this makes up for it perfectly.

  • This was such an enjoyable post to read – I love the way you write. 🙂

    It was so nice to see a pic of the shelves of Sainsbugs. I lived in Leeds for 4 years and miss it greatly at times. The UK supermarkets are all sorts of wonderful.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your blog!

  • Carolyn Ryder

    How exciting to hear that you will be moving back to Australia soon! I loved the link to your bookshelf post as I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they read. I have moved around a lot in the last few years but I just can’t bear to part with my books so it makes moving very painful and expensive. I’d love to see more of your tea set collection.

  • Julie @mrstiddlypip

    Lovely post Michelle! Will be off now to check out your tea sets 😉

  • Love the post! I wish I could come have some coffee with you! Do you find it a little relaxing being busy and always having a project?! Ha for some reason I love it! It makes you really appreciate the days you have for yourself:)

  • Thanks Sammie! You can meet me for coffee anytime 😉 I love always having a project too. I start getting nervy when there’s not something on the go!

  • Hope you like them, Julie. I’ll do a post featuring them soon x

  • I’m hoping to get published writers and agents to do bookshelf posts for me, as part of an ongoing series. Good for you for taking your books with you Carolyn; but I don’t envy you lifting all those boxes!

  • You’re so sweet Kitty, thanks! Sainsbury’s is FAB. I’m going to miss it when I leave this year. Coles just isn’t the same 😉

  • Lol! I’m one for going off on tangents too 😉

  • He he! *Love* the view from the top!

  • Come visit before August, Cat 😉

  • Oh yes! See you in Aus, Rachael.

  • Fun, and tiring! But mostly fun. You get to meet so many interesting people along the way – like you lovely blogging pals 🙂

  • It’s sooooo far away! I’ve only been back five times in 11 years.

  • Thanks Jessica, it’s so nice to have positive feedback. That’s really sweet x

  • Hehe! Glad it made you laugh Heike 🙂