A chain of writers

There’s a chain letter-style blogging challenge doing the rounds of the writing community right now. I’ve been slipped a letter from my friend Sally Gander – novelist and creative writing lecturer. My challenge – nope, it doesn’t involve passing the letter on to as many people I know in the shortest amount of time possible before random body parts start dropping off – is to share four things with you about being a writer. Listen to this clip to find out more (sorry about the birds tweeting – I recorded this in my garden).

Next week, it’s the turn of my new friend Rebecca Johnstone. We met virtually on the fabulous Blog With Pip course which is run from Melbourne. Kinda cool that we’re both in the UK and found each other, huh?

Rebecca is a writer, blogger, dreamer, diarist and amateur photographer, and has just started a new blog dedicated to her writing. She has written stories and poems ever since she can remember, capitalising on her vivid imagination and ‘magpie’s eye’ for the extraordinary. Rebecca lives in Scotland, taking inspiration from the stunning landscapes around her for writing and creative projects. She has a photographic memory, loves tea and gets hyper on coffee. Creativity abounds! Rebecca blogs over at the sweetly-named The Magpie Diaries.