A bright idea

The lovely Pip over at MeetMeAtMikes has been sharing her bright ideas on blogging with a group of very enthusiastic girls, and she’s inspired me to completely reinvent the blog I’ve had since 2009. By reinvent, I actually mean bin it; leave it gathering cobwebs out there on the interweb; start afresh.  

It was an easy decision.

I’ve been neglecting that blog since about 2010; going back to it every now and then to force words and paragraphs out of my keyboard and onto the page.

Where was I going wrong before?

With a few tips from Pip, I’m able to to tell you right here.

It’s almost spring. The sun should be shining again soon. And my fresh, shiny-new blog is going to be more about me this time around, and less about who I thought I was supposed to be.

Which bits of you find their way into your blog, and which bits do you leave out?

  • sue

    lovely! really liked the podcast, made lots of sense and the story was told beautifully.

  • So bright and cheery, that photo of you is so great. As I am from the UK, living in America, I can’t wait to follow you. You are on my Bloglovin’ feed. Yay!

  • I love your banner – is that wattle? So appropriate for an expat 🙂

  • Great looking blog, the header is wonderful and it’s a very engaging photo of you. I look forward to following you.

  • yellowd

    Yes it is, Heike! Florists have started selling wattle in London. Oh, that scent! It brings back memories of my childhood.