1950s ‘Brexton’ Picnic Set

Vintage Acquisition of the Day: 1950s picnic set, complete with asbestos lined thermos and original sugar cubes (plus a four-person set of side-plates, coffee cups and saucers, cutlery, tea-towel, food boxes, salt ‘n’ pepper shaker and glass storage jars).

This one had my name written all over it – I just couldn’t resist (and a £30.00 spend on a single item is still not my most expensive outlay in a charity shop!).

It’s completely unusable, and not just because of the life-threatening drink canister – no, despite its pristine condition, I just can’t imagine myself lugging a suitcase-sized box of china crockery up Ally Pally.

Found in: Crouch End Charity Shop
Usability factor: 3/5
Accessorise with: 1950s glove-making pattern; Bush portable radio (I have my eye on an original on ebay), strawberries and a British summer.